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How To Deal With Head Lice

If you’re like most parents, you have more than enough problems and frustrations in your life. The kids coming down with something, problems at work, having trouble paying some bills and who knows what else. The last thing you need to deal with on top of everything else is a head lice infestation on one or more of your kids. While lice are not dangerous since they don’t spread disease, they are yet another annoyance with all the head-scratching resulting from the red, itchy, irritated scalp they can cause when feeding off the blood underneath it, which is why you would need quality lice removal.

Don’t Panic

In the event you’ve never had to deal with head lice before, you probably don’t know much about them. Lack of knowledge can cause you to panic about the possibilities of what they can do and what can result from a lice infestation. The first step is not to panic. The Centers for Disease Control report that about 6 to 12 million cases of head lice happen every year, so you’re not alone.

Don’t Overdue It When Fighting Head Lice

Some parents can go overboard when fighting these tiny, parasitic insects. You don’t have to sterilize your entire home from top to bottom to get rid of them. Lice are actually quite dependent on us in that they can only live about 24 hours away from the regular meal that our scalp is for them. If they fall off your kid’s head and land on their pillow, they won’t live long. That being said, if you have more than one kid, or if your one kid is playing with others, another child using their pillow, comb, brush or sports helmet right after they have can give them the lice. It is, therefore, wise to wash anything that the child with lice regularly comes into contact with while simultaneously treating the problem on their head.

Treatments That Probably Won’t Work

There are over-the-counter lice shampoos available that contain pesticides. Unfortunately, these have been on the market too long, and so many lice have acclimated to them that they don’t do the job anymore. Some parents turn to home remedies that seek to smother the lice by putting mayonnaise, olive oil or coconut oil on their child’s hair and scalp to suffocate them. Lice can hold their breath for quite a while, though, so you have to keep it on their heads overnight under a shower cap. Some techniques recommend following this up with a meticulous combing with a special lice comb that has teeth that are very close together, so the nits won’t pass between them. The problem with all these methods is that one or two missed nits or female lice and the infestation starts all over again.

The Solution To Head Lice In Broward County

The problem with most lice removal remedies is that you are on your own with them. Even if your doctor gives you a prescription lice treatment, it still depends on you applying it correctly and being extremely thorough given the potential for reinfestation if any are missed. When your car breaks or you get a toothache, it’s nice to know that you can take your car to a mechanic or go to a dentist to have a professional handle the problem for you. This is true of head lice as well.

If you live in or near Broward County, Lice Lifters of Florida offers your family a fast, effective and affordable lice treatment option in Coral Springs. After you bring a child you suspect of having lice into our lice clinic, we do a head check to definitively determine if lice are present. Once found, our certified lice technicians get to work with a mix of products and techniques that are 100 percent safe and natural for your kids but downright deadly for lice. Our kid-friendly salon can get your family lice free in a single visit, and we back this with our Lice Lifters Guarantee, so don’t put up with the itching and discomfort of lice when a professional solution is close at hand.

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