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Your Child Brought Home Head Lice: Don’t Worry, You Can Beat It!

Your kids bring home many things that make you smile. From those lovely little wildflower bouquets to school achievement awards, there is no end to the excitement that you feel when you see your kid walking through those doors with that adorable grin.

However, there are a few things that are better left outside of the secure walls of your house, and head lice are a common problem for kids who spend time in group settings. Whether your kid picked up lice on the first day of school or brought them home from a sleepover, you have nothing to fear.

Head lice are completely treatable when you know how to utilize the Lice Lifters system, and you don’t even have to coat your kids hair with dangerous pesticides or throw out their clothes to make your house lice-free. Now that you’ve discovered head lice, your first step is to remain calm. Professional lice removal treatment Coral Springs, FL families use will have your kid’s hair back to normal fast.

What Do Head Lice Look Like?

People often say that you’ll know what lice are when you see them, and this is typically true. However, it does help to know that head lice go through three main stages of growth. The first stage is when you see visible eggs that are called nits. These may look white or yellowish brown, and they typically appear near the base of your kid’s hair. Unlike dandruff, they cannot be flicked off. Instead, they are stuck to the hair with a special type of glue that lice make that must be loosened using a special head lice removal solution and comb.

Once the eggs hatch, they become nymphs. These tiny, babies begin to feed on the scalp regularly to help them grow. At this stage, they may be so small that it takes a magnifying glass to see them. Adults are called lice, and these are the most noticeable on the hair. As you examine your child, remember that it is common to have all three stages of the lice life cycle happening on one head of hair.

It’s Definitely Lice, What Do I Do Now?

The discovery of head lice on your child is enough to make you want to panic, but there is no need to get upset. Head lice do not discriminate, and they’ll invade even the cleanest head of hair and home. Your next step is to decide if you want to handle the issue at home or seek help from a professional.

What Can I Use At Home?

If you decide to remove the lice at home, then you will want to use a safe, natural and non-toxic solution to knock them out. Lice Lifters kits have everything that you need to start the process of removing nits and live lice. If your child has a sensitive scalp or thick hair, then you can use the Mint Detangling Spray to make them more comfortable.

How Do Professional Services Work?

At a head lice treatment salon, certified technicians apply the non-toxic lice killing products to your child’s hair. Then, they carefully comb through each strand to make sure all of the nits and dead lice are removed.

While you don’t want to panic at the sight of lice, you also don’t want to wait. Head lice rapidly multiply and leaving even a single nit or two in your child’s hair means that they can come back. Although preventing lice is best, remember that our Lice Lifters system can help at any stage in the process to restore your ability to say that your household is bug-free.

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