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Tips For Dealing With Lice And School Sports

head lice infestation is a problem you may not want to deal with as a parent, but there are times that you may not have a choice. There are many ways your child can pick up head lice from someone who already has them. Direct head-to-head contact with a child that has a lice infestation is the surest way to catch them.

You can also get them by sharing articles of clothing worn on or near the head. These include hats, scarves and hair ribbons as well as sharing a brush or comb. Your child can also pick them up after lying on a pillow or couch that was recently used by an infested person. Another way they can spread, however, is through sports.

Lice Prevention Tips

When thinking about your child playing sports, you may be primarily occupied with them avoiding physical injury. This should certainly be your primary concern but not your only one. Games such as baseball and football frequently involve the wearing of helmets. If you have not purchased your child their own helmet, then they have no choice but to share those made available to them by the school in the case of after-school games.

Investing in helmets for your children is one of the smartest things you can do for head lice prevention. It is a small investment that can pay off in sparing them discomfort and embarrassment later on. In addition to hats, combs and hair brushes, you should tell them not to share towels or other items they may use or put on their head. When they get that towel or hat back, it may have an unexpected surprise of an unpleasant kind. Sports can be a tremendous learning experience for your child that can help them grow as a person. A couple common sense steps and suggestions can make it a positive experience with no downside.

What To Do If Lice Prevention Fails

Sometimes, despite taking precautions, the problem of lice can still occur. In this instance, the first thing is not to panic. It’s just head lice and not some horrible disease after all. They are a nuisance and a bother, and they do need to be dealt with, but worse things can happen. As a parent, you should take comfort in knowing there are professional solutions available for head lice removal.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Coral Springs FL area, then you can avail yourself of our professional head lice removal services at Lice Lifters Florida. We utilize a safe, all-natural treatment that is non-toxic and 100 percent effective. Best of all, our Coral Springs FL Lice Removal clinic will get your child’s lice problem handled in a single visit, so they are ready to get back to playing the after-school games that they enjoy so much.

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