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Our Education Program

Support for Your School In Broward County

Lice Lifters Offers a Free Educational Program About the Prevention and Treatment of Lice

If your school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Home School Association (HSA) invites speakers, we encourage you to contact Lice Lifters to find out how we provide community outreach through our LiceLifters® Detection and Education Program. We recommend giving us a try because we provide a free education program for school staff members and parents.

What You Need To Know

Highlights of Our Program

As a school you will show your support for the children’s parents by giving them the correct information when it comes to head lice detection and prevention. The presentation should only last around 30 minutes; it includes an educational program and a demonstration on how to properly check for head lice. To ensure you remember all the information, our licensed representatives will give out helpful handouts to reference.

Overall Gift of Knowledge

Parents will likely feel more comfortable when they properly learn how to conduct head lice checks. Attendees will also learn how to prevent additional lice infestations. In addition, since we offer an all-natural, effective and safe lice solution, parents will learn that other options exist beyond over-the-counter treatments. Our proven method keeps everyone involved in treating lice comfortable and secure.

Discover Our Community Outreach Programs

This activity falls under the umbrella of our community outreach programs, so parents, teachers and other school staff members remain on the same treatment page. This shows that all schools that represent the districts in the Coral Springs, Fla. area want to come together to treat and prevent future head lice outbreaks. This not only benefits your school but others in the area. You gain the ability to recommend our free demonstration to other schools in the local community. This becomes especially helpful because children do not always interact with other children solely at their school – they have playmates who likely attend another school in the district. Help us keep all schools in the area safe by spreading the word about our LiceLifters® Detection and Education Program.

Lice Lfters Detection and Education Program

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