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Caring For Camps

Lice Lifters Detection and Education Program For Summer Camps

Our dedicated and affordable team at Life Lifters in Coral Springs is happy to have been of service to our wonderful community for more than seven years. We are able to give our Coral Springs customers dedicated service by using the best products that are known for being completely safe and all-natural for young children. We offer fast and affordable head lice treatment that is 100% effective. Our products will work when over the-counter products won’t.

How We Serve Our Community

We don’t just provide treatment for head lice. We also provide current educational resources to our community concerning the prevention of lice. We have been providing licensed technicians to local schools for years to carefully check all students and staff for head lice. We also offer information on how to prevent lice from occurring. We are so dedicated to these efforts that we are now expanding this very program to include summer camps in the area of Coral Springs.

Caring for Camps - A Summer Camp Outreach Program

Our newest program is called “Caring for Camps” and is designed to educate parents and children about the parasitic insects that can infest up to 12 million people per year. We do this by sending our qualified technicians to your summer camp to teach staff and children what to look for when it comes to head lice. We also conduct actual head checks to look for lice while we are there. These programs help instill confidence in parents who are happy to know you are taking a proactive stance on the subject. Kids and staff deal with enough issues when it is time for summer camp, so we want to make sure that head lice isn’t a problem.

If you are involved with a summer camp in Coral Springs, we are eager to hear from you. We would be happy to head out to your camp and set up informational workshops to teach your staff and kids about how to avoid and treat lice.