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5 Things To Do If You Think Your Child Could Have Lice

Being a parent isn’t the easiest job in the world. From setting up a schedule to maintaining their health, raising children is challenging. And now that school is coming up, a cold isn’t the only thing you’re little one might catch. Children face the risk of catching lice, so make sure you’re ready to take care of it if this happens.

Keep reading to learn five things to do if you think your child has lice

#1. Inspect Their Scalp

The first step every parent needs to take is to check their child’s scalp for lice and nits. Nits are eggs that lice can lay. They are small and oval-shaped with the color ranging from white to yellow. Head lice can lay up to five eggs a day and are often found on the lower neck, on the back of the head and behind the ears. To make sure you’re being thorough, make sure you use a magnifying glass in an area that has good lighting.

#2. Suffocate The Lice

Many head lice removal companies recommend that parents refrain from using chemicals to kill lice. This is because the chemicals are not only dangerous to your child’s health, lice have genetically adapted to insecticides. There are a few at-home treatments you can try such as mayonnaise and vinegar solutions. If those don’t get the job done, you’ll have to take your child to a head lice treatment center Coral Springs FL.

#3. Dispose Of The Nits

Getting rid of head lice is hard enough, however, trying to get rid of the nits is a different story. They’re smaller than the lice themselves, so it’s very important that you’re thorough as you go through your child’s hair. Use a special lice comb and brush through your child’s hair. Don’t forget to soak the comb in boiling hot and soapy water. To make the process easier, wet your child’s hair and apply shampoo with conditioner from their scalp to the end of their hair.

After you’ve gone through your child’s entire scalp, do it one more time to make sure the job is done.

#4. Check On Your Child’s Hair Daily

Unfortunately, just because you’ve gotten rid of the head lice and nits doesn’t mean they’re gone. There’s a chance that they can come back, so be sure to inspect your child’s hair on a daily basis for a month. It takes a month to make sure your child is free of lice. If you’re unable to keep the lice from coming back, you might want to look into a lice removal service.

#5. Check On Your Child’s Surroundings

You never know where your child contracted the lice. As a safety measure, wash and clean everything they come in contact with on high heat. This means their bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets and even their stuffed animals. It might be a little difficult, but treat everyone in your house as if they had lice. Dispose of any brushes and combs and purchase new ones.

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