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Back To School Lice Tips

After a summer of sun and fun with the kids in Florida, the new school year is quickly approaching. With this comes the traditional tasks of buying school supplies and any other chores necessary to get them ready. As a parent in the Broward County area, you may want to add checking for head lice to the list of things to consider when preparing the kids for their return to school. With millions of head lice infestations a year in the United States, it’s definitely possible that your children may have picked up some of these annoying, parasitic insects that feed off the blood just under the scalp. The type of play that your kids engage in over the summer months can lead to physical contact, which is the perfect opportunity for these bugs to jump from one head to another.

Find Out If Your Kids Have Head Lice

A simple lice head check will tell you if any of your children have this problem. Of course, it won’t be simple if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what head lice look like, you may want to do a Google image search under the subject, and you’ll find plenty of pictures.

Once you’ve established what it is you’re looking for, you’ll want to wet your child’s hair first. Then you’ll use a comb to push their hair aside as you meticulously check near their scalp for lice. You’ll also want to check the root of their hair follicles, which is where you’ll find any lice eggs, known as nits, attached with a glue-like substance.

What To Do When Your Kids Have Lice

If your lice head check reveals their presence, you’ll want to handle this problem quickly before they can spread to other family members or to other kids at school. While your first impulse may be to go out to the store and buy some lice shampoo, you may want to curb the urge to do this. Unfortunately, most lice today have become immune to the toxins in these over-the-counter products after decades of use. When it comes to head lice removal, it pays to seek professional help in the form of a business that specializes in getting rid of these pests.

Safe, Effective And Affordable Head Lice Removal In Broward County

At Lice Lifters Coral Springs Broward County Florida, our friendly staff has been handling this problem for concerned Florida parents for years now. When you bring any family members you believe may have lice to our lice salon, the first thing one of our certified lice technicians will do is to confirm that they have lice. We’ll do this with a simple lice head check.

When lice are found, we get to work eradicating this problem quickly and affordably. The key to any effective head lice treatment is addressing both the lice and their nits. If the nits aren’t dealt with as well, then they’ll hatch a week or so later, and you’ll have an infestation all over again. This is why our experienced technicians will run a lice comb through your loved one’s hair and scalp that is specially made to pick up the lice and their nits.

Because the thoroughness of any successful head lice treatment is extremely important, we follow up this comb-out with the application of a 100 percent safe and all-natural killing solution that is guaranteed to be effective. We’ll then give you helpful pointers on avoiding head lice in the future. So, to rid any of your infested family members of the itching, redness and irritation of lice infestation once and for all, please give our lice clinic a call, and we’ll set up an appointment to handle this problem for you quickly and affordably.

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