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Everything You Need To Know About Surviving Head Lice

In the summer months, many kids are away at camp, and before you know it, a new school year will be starting, and they’ll be mingling with other kids at school. In addition to picking up some knowledge from their classes and some new friends, they might pick up some undesirable things. One of these is head lice.

Trying To Prevent The Problem

Head lice infestations are particularly rampant among kids. Direct head-to-head contact is the primary means by which they spread, and kids always seem to be bumping into each other. Another way, although less frequent, for lice to spread is when your child shares the hat, helmet, comb or hairbrush of someone with lice.

The above facts provide some obvious avenues for trying to prevent lice. You should have any of your kids with long hair wear their hair up or tie it back. This reduces the chances of their hair coming into contact with that of an infested child. Tell your kids to avoid head-to-head or hair-to-hair contact as much as possible. Also, make sure they have their own helmet or hat for any sport they play, so they don’t need to share. Lastly, tell them not to use a friend’s comb or brush.

Spotting Head Lice

Lice are parasitic insects that happen to be about the size of a sesame seed. They are anywhere from tan to dark brown in color. They feed off the blood under our scalp, so this will be a good place to spot them. You might also find them clinging to hair strands since lice have six legs that have evolved to perfectly grasp onto and move along human hair.

Use a comb to part sections of your child’s hair, and then shine a bright light down to look for lice. Their nits, or eggs, will be located near the base of strands of hair where the female louse attached them with a glue-like substance. You should do a Google image search for “head lice” and “lice nits” to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Getting Rid Of Lice

Let’s say you’ve discovered what you believe are lice on your child’s head. The first order of business is not to panic. Lice are a nuisance with the red, bumpy, irritated, itchy scalp they can create due to allergic reactions to their bite, but they’re not known to transmit disease.

Because they are an annoyance, you do still want to get rid of them. There are as many opinions on head Palm Beach Gardens lice removal as there are lice on an average infested person’s head. You find all sorts of home remedies if you search the subject online. Then there are the retail lice shampoos found on drug store shelves. Unfortunately, many of the home remedies can be so involved and convoluted to do that the lice can seem like the lesser nuisance. As far as over-the-counter products, many lice have become immune to the pesticides in them since they’ve been used for so many years.

Lice Removal Treatment In Coral Springs, Fl

For families in the Broward County area, there is actually an effective head lice removal option available. One of the biggest problems with OTC products or home remedies is that you are trying to get rid of these pests on your own. If you’re trying to survive a lice infestation, you should know that there are lice treatment centers out there that are dedicated to ridding families just like yours of head lice.

Lice Lifters of Coral Springs is just such a lice treatment center conveniently located in Coral Springs, FL. Our head lice removal process is 100 percent safe and natural, and it will even work on those “super lice” that have grown a tolerance to the pesticides used in over-the-counter products. In fact, it’s so effective, we back it up with our Lice Lifters Guarantee. If you believe any members of your family have lice, please contact us, so we can set up an appointment for you. The compassionate and certified lice technicians at our lice treatment center will rid your family of this problem in one visit.

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