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Do Cold Winters Mean Fewer Lice Infestations?

As a parent in the Broward County area of Florida, you’re probably relieved by the fact that Florida is typically spared the worst ravages of winter. That said, it can occasionally get quite cold here as a recent freeze warning will attest. One of the good things about cold weather is that it can cut down on the number of bugs. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all bugs, and head lice is one of those you might still find yourself having to contend with.

Since lice live on your head near your scalp where it’s generally warm regardless of the temperature outside, they’re not affected by cold weather.  Although the wearing of hats at this time of year will cut down on the number of exposed heads that can pick up lice, your kids are not wearing them all the time.  While there will be less outdoor play and opportunity for head-to-head contact to spread lice, they’ll be doing plenty of stuff indoors, and your kids can still pick up these annoying parasitic insects that feed off the blood under the scalp.

What To Do About Head Lice?

Kids are especially prone to pick up lice. Since they can’t jump or fly, they have to spread by direct physical contact, and your kids almost always seem to be in contact with others. They can also cling to the inside of a hat or helmet worn by an infested person, and if your child wears this headgear, they can pick them up in an instant.

Let’s say your kid ignored any advice you gave them about not sharing hats or scarves with others and not to press their heads together for that selfie with friends, and they got some unwanted passengers on top of their head. If you’ve never run into this problem as a parent, you may be wondering how to handle it. You may run across over-the-counter products for head lice removal, but unfortunately, they’ve been used for so long that most lice have grown immune to the toxins used in them. Your best bet is going to be to find a head lice treatment salon that specializes in ridding you and any infested family members of this problem.

Professional Head Lice Removal In Broward County

Based in Coral Springs, our team of lice removal professionals at Lice Lifters Florida use a process that’s quite successful at getting rid of these pests. We start by doing a head check to see if lice are actually present. If we determine you or your loved one do have lice, we perform a thorough comb-out to remove any of the lice and their eggs, which are called nits. Because any missed lice or nits may start the infestation all over again, we follow this with the application of a safe, all-natural killing agent that’s 99.9 percent effective at killing lice and their nits.

Lice may not be afraid of winter since they’ll typically find a warm scalp to stay attached to, but if they had any brains, they’d be afraid of us. If you suspect a family member is suffering the itchy, irritation of these annoying pests, don’t let them suffer. Our head lice treatment salon is a short drive away in Coral Springs, and while lice may survive the winter, they won’t survive us.

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