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How To Treat Head Lice Naturally

When you, as a parent, discover head lice on your child or get a call from the school nurse to tell you they have an infestation, your thoughts immediately turn toward treating the problem. You may be perfectly aware that there are lice shampoos on retail store shelves, but many parents don’t like these because they contain toxins that their kids might have an adverse reaction to. Also, their effectiveness is in question. After many years of use, plenty of head lice have become immune to these toxins.

Seeking Out A Natural Remedy

There’s no shortage of information on the internet about natural home remedies for head lice. Most seem to operate on the basis of claiming to suffocate the lice. Basically, you smother your head in mayonnaise or olive oil overnight, and then most, if not all, of the lice and their eggs, or nits, are supposed to be dead the next day. Tea tree oil is another oft-used home remedy because it has long been purported to be a natural insecticide.

Such uses of oils and other natural products are often used in combination with a lice comb. After applying the oils, you meticulously comb-out the lice and nits. The requirement of being meticulous cannot be underestimated, however. If just one or two nits or female lice are missed, they’ll hatch or lay new eggs, and you’ll wonder why your child’s itching their head again in a week.

It’s a common theme with these home remedies to do them multiple times over the course of a couple of weeks since thoroughness is critical. This can save you money over some remedies out there, but it can also end up consuming more than a bit of your time when all is said and done, and the problem may still persist at the other end of all this effort.

Professional Head Lice Treatment That’s Also Natural

It’s important to realize that deciding to go natural with your head lice treatment does not necessarily mean going it alone. There are head lice treatment centers that specialize in this problem and exclusively use natural products and techniques. One case in point is Lice Lifters of Florida.

Located in Coral Springs, our team of certified lice technicians has the experience to ensure they’ll get nearly every louse and nit off your child’s head. After verifying that lice are present, we do a thorough comb-out in our clean, professional salon with excellent lighting, so we can see all the nits and lice. We then apply an all-natural, non-toxic and completely safe killing solution to the hair and scalp to finish off any lice that may have thought they were lucky to escape the comb.

You Have Options For Head Lice Treatment

If you find yourself dealing with head lice for the first time as a parent, don’t worry too much. First of all, lice aren’t exactly known for being dangerous given that they don’t transmit disease. They are an annoyance, however, and some parents find their presence on their child’s head to be embarrassing. This feeling is unnecessary, though, because lice do not discriminate on the basis of your race, color, creed, socio-economic class or personal hygiene. Just know that, whether on a do-it-yourself basis or at a professional salon with guaranteed results, there are solutions for this problem out there, so don’t let a head lice infestation this spring become a major worry in you or your child’s life.

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