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Myths Of Lice And Nits And How To Effectively Treat Them

When any of your kids get a head lice infestation, the first thing you have to do is determine the best way to deal with it. The first step in effectively handling any problem is being sure that you’re dealing with facts rather than myths about that problem. Knowing all you can about a given situation fosters solving it as rapidly as possible. As a parent, you may have heard quite a few things about lice and their eggs, which are known as nits. Some may be accurate and some not so much.

Myths About Lice And Nits

  • Lice Can Fly or Jump – Fortunately, lice do not have strong hind legs or wings, so they have to crawl from one person’s hair to that of another. In rare circumstances, they can be spread by your child using the comb or brush of an infested person, but direct head-to-head or at least hair-to-hair contact is the main culprit for their spread.
  • Catching Lice Means You Have Poor Hygiene – There’s no evidence that lice care about the cleanliness or dirtiness of the head of hair they occupy. As long as you’ve got hair with a scalp under it where they can feed on the blood underneath, they are about as happy as lice can get.
  • Head Lice Are a Health Hazard – The fact that lice do not transmit disease may be the one ray of sunshine about this problem. That being said, you still wouldn’t want them crawling around on your head. Besides the creepy factor of something moving around up there, they can cause unpleasant symptoms such as itching and irritation. Kids may scratch that itch so much that they can develop open sores, which is as serious as this problem can get.
  • Home Remedies Are Effective – A simple internet search reveals a plethora of notions about how to eradicate lice using household products such as olive oil or mayonnaise. Not only are these methods not proven effective but they can be so involved that your kid may end up preferring the lice.

Finding And Treating Head Lice

If you suspect your child has lice, you’ve undoubtedly searched online for images of an adult louse and their nits. After all, if you’re going to check their head for them, it helps to know what you’re looking for. These wingless bugs, about the size of a sesame seed, have six legs that are perfect for grasping and moving along human hair. Their nits will be found near the bottom of hair shafts near the scalp where the heat incubates them. They are tiny and light colored, and this causes them to be confused with dandruff except that they don’t easily flake off.

Treating lice is where things get a little complicated. It’s been stated that home remedies are unproven, and this makes many parents rush out to grab a lice treatment shampoo off the shelf at the drug store. These products have been overused for so many years, though, that multitudes of lice out there have grown immune to the pesticides in them. Seeking prescription lice treatments is another option, but the fact that they tend to be more powerful also means that the toxins used in them are stronger, which can result in your child having a bad reaction to them.

Safe, Natural And Effective Head Lice Treatment

As a parent, you’ve got enough headaches in raising your kids, so when lice rear their ugly little heads on any of your little ones’ heads, you just want the problem solved in a fast, safe and affordable manner. At Lice Lifters of Florida, this is just what we offer. When you bring in a child you think has lice, we’ll verify if this is the case. If they’re found, we get to work using an impressive mix of products, tools and methods that are completely safe and natural to get your little ones free of lice in a single visit to our lice salon. So, if you’re in Broward County, our Coral Springs location is convenient to your family. Please contact us, and let us eliminate this annoying problem for you.

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