We Hope Lice Pass Over Your Home This Passover Season


We are still dealing with lice thousands of years after the 3rd plague, lice. Take a look around your Seder table this year if you see someone scratching their head it could be lice.  The plague definitely did not end with the Egyptians. On Seder night we remember the exodus from Egypt.  Unfortunately lice did not end there. Tradition states that Jews living in Egypt were immune from the plagues.  Obviously this is not accurate lice have followed them from the promise land.

Lice have been the bane of parents for years and this Passover season is no different.  The weather is getting nicer and people will gather more over the holidays.  There will be a lot of hugging and picture taking with our friends and families.  The most famous louse Nehama will come to visit. She will be busy laying eggs on our scalps and desperate to spread the fun for everyone.

The treatment of lice has changed over the years.  The reason lice have lasted thousands of years is they have adjusted to the elimination treatments.  Lice are resisted to over the counter products.  The dangerous pesticides in Nix and Rid no longer work.  In addition, the prescription pesticides from doctors have no effect on lice.

Treatment can be tedious and difficult at times. Don’t use dangerous pesticides products when treating lice, come to Lice Lifters.

Find a Lice Lifters Treatment Center near you.  Our products are also available on Amazon.  Let’s eradicate this nuisance together.

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