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Back To School Lice Prevention To Get You Through A Lice Free School Year!

There are many thoughts flowing through your head this time of year as you try to think of everything you need to do in order to get the kids ready to go back to school. There are, of course, the basics such as book bags, notebooks, pens and an assortment of other school supplies. You may also give them advice that you feel will help them deal with other kids and do better as far as learning. You should add one more item to the list of things to get them ready for school, and that’s lice prevention.

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child or children do not suffer any embarrassment of having lice discovered by a school nurse or have them catch lice from anyone else at school. There are certain things you can do to help with lice prevention, so your child only has to deal with school work and making new friends without the added annoyance of an itchy, irritated scalp infested with lice.

Have A Talk With Your Child About Lice Before They Head Back To School

Lice are primarily spread through direct head-to-head contact between kids or by sharing items worn or used on their heads such as hats or hairbrushes. With this in mind, tell them to avoid this type of direct contact with others and not to use anyone else’s brush or hat. This advice is the single best way to avoid the problem in the first place.

How Your Child Wears Their Hair Is Important

Hair for a boy is pretty simple. The best thing to do to prevent excessive hair that can more easily mingle with another child’s hair is to simply get them regular haircuts, so it never gets that long. Your daughter will typically wear her hair much longer, so this is more of a challenge. It is easily remedied, however, by having them wear their hair up. Similar to short, regular haircuts for boys, this reduces the chance for stray strands of hair that may contact an infected person’s head, and pick up any lice.

Check Their Hair Periodically For Lice

Once a week is a good interval at which to check for head lice. This is easiest to do when it’s still damp after washing it. Use a lice comb, and start at the root of the hair, and then pull it down to the end of the strands of hair. Have a white paper towel handy to wipe the comb on after every couple strokes. If they have lice, you should see them on the paper towel. If you’re not sure what to look for, search “head lice” on Google, and you’ll see plenty of images including magnified ones that will keep you awake that first night.

Effective Head Lice Removal

Sometimes your lice prevention efforts will fail. If you find lice, don’t despair. You should be able to find a professional lice treatment clinic in your area. If you live around Coral Springs, Florida, for example, Lice Lifters Florida is nearby. Our staff of head lice removal experts utilizes an all-natural treatment that will have your child good to go after one treatment.

Let us help alleviate this one back to school worry for you, so you can focus on everything else you need to get them ready for a productive school year.

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