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Head Lice Removal Treatment Parkland

Head Lice Removal & Treatment Parkland FL | Lice Lifters
Head Lice Removal Treatment Parkland 2020

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At Lice Lifters of Florida, we are proud to offer your family and others in the Parkland, Florida area an unmatched head lice treatment. The staff at our lice clinic have the tools, products and training to rid your infested family members of this problem once and for all. To do this, though, we need you to fill out the contact form, so we can set up an appointment for you. For your convenience, we can answer questions or schedule appointments seven days a week.

Parkland Trusts the Lice Lifters Process

The first step to availing yourself of our safe, all-natural head lice removal process is to bring any infested family members into our lice clinic. We have the knowledge and experience to detect if lice are the problem that’s plaguing your loved ones. If they are present, we get to work by conducting a comb-out to remove as many of the lice and their eggs, or nits, as possible. Our lice treatment is not complete without the application of our highly effective killing agent.

Step 1 – Come to Lice Lifters

If your family is located in or near Parkland, our Coral Springs location is very convenient to you.

Step 2 – Thorough Comb-Out

Our trained and certified lice technicians have a keen eye for spotting lice and their nits and are proficient at removing them with our lice comb.

Step 3 – Apply Lice Lifters Solution

This step involves rinsing the hair and scalp with our own special all-natural, non-toxic solution that’s perfectly safe for your kids but deadly to lice.

As a parent, you want to know you are getting a safe, effective remedy for any problem affecting you or your children. When it comes to head lice removal, Lice Lifters of Florida is second to none.

When you need head lice removal services, don’t mess around with unproven products or techniques. There’s no reason to put up with the itchy, red, irritated scalp that head lice can cause if you’re anywhere near our Lice Lifters of Florida Coral Springs location.

The best parts of our lice treatment are that we can treat all your infested family members at once and that you’re all done after a single visit. Also, there’s plenty for you and your children to do at our kid-friendly lice clinic during any short wait for your treatment.

Benefits of Lice Lifters

If any of your kids is feeling ill, you take them to a doctor, and if they get a toothache, you take them to a dentist. Similarly, there is a professional solution for the annoying issue of head lice. Our lice removal salon in Florida specializes in handling these tiny, parasitic insects that feed off the blood under your scalp. Since lice and nit removal is all we do, if we didn’t deliver results for our customers, we wouldn’t still be in business.

  • Our safe treatment is so effective that we give you our 30-day guarantee.
  • We have numerous payment options including flex and health spending accounts.
  • No lice can escape from or survive our all-natural killing agent.
  • Many pediatricians and school nurses highly recommend our lice treatment process.
  • Your kids will be comforted by our compassionate lice technicians.

What to Expect During Your Appointment


  • We’ll make sure lice are the problem with a comprehensive head check.
  • A comb-out from a careful, trained professional removes lice and nits.
  • Our unique killing agent is very effective and unavailable elsewhere.
  • Movies, TV and a play area give your family plenty to do while waiting.
  • You’ll leave here armed with instructions and tips for lice prevention.