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Head Lice Removal near Delray Beach, FL

Head Lice Removal Salon Near Delray Beach FL | Lice Lifters

Professional Head Lice Treatment & Removal


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If you believe a member of your family has this problem or if a school nurse has told you a child of yours has lice, you should know that we have a quick and effective remedy. We’d like you to fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you, so we can eliminate this issue for your family.

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Delray Beach Trusts the Lice Lifters Process

In order to ensure uniformly effective results, we’ve created a series of steps we undergo for anyone infested with head lice. Once you’ve brought any loved ones you believe have lice into our lice salon, we verify their presence with a combing head check. One of our certified lice technicians will then remove them with the skillful use of a lice comb. Because any remaining lice or nits, which are their eggs, can mean the problem starts all over again, we finish by applying a liquid solution that kills all live lice activity.

Step 1

1. Come to Lice Lifters

If you’re in the Delray Beach area, we’re not far from you. Come in with any lice-infested children, and we’ll get them lice free in one visit.

Step 2

2. Thorough Comb-Out

This critical part of our lice removal process involves the removal of as many lice and nits as we can find on your hair and scalp.

Step 3

3. Apply Lice Lifters Solution

The application of this all-natural, non-toxic lice and nit killing agent will insure that any of these parasitic insects that evaded the comb-out won’t live for long.

Take a Tour of Lice Lifters of Florida

When it comes to lice removal treatments that are safe and effective, you won’t find any better than Lice Lifters Florida. The certified technicians at our lice salon have the training, tools and products to handle this problem for your whole family quickly and safely.

Also, the technicians at our kid-friendly lice clinic are compassionate. As a parent, you will be impressed and put at ease by how they deal with your children as they treat them.

Testimonials for Lice Lifters of Florida

Head Lice Removal near Delray Beach, FL 2020

Melissa S

We had a wonderful expierence at Lice Lifters. The staff were kind and understanding, great with my whole family. The center is clean. Highly recommend!!

Head Lice Removal near Delray Beach, FL 2020

Maria A Porras

This place is AMAZING. April and Susan are the friendliest most professional ladies ever! They made us feel welcomed and appreciated, and they took very good care of us! The place is clean, centric, with free parking. Highly recommend!

Head Lice Removal near Delray Beach, FL 2020

Melissa Haley

This concept is amazing!!! The staff was so nice and thorough! Thank you Lice Lifters for eliminating the problem in an efficient and easy way. You are the best!

Benefits of Lice Lifters

  • We exclusively use, safe, non-toxic products in our treatment process.
  • Our treatment’s so effective we give you a 30-day guarantee.
  • We can treat any infested family members at one time, so you’re done fast.
  • You’re all done after a single treatment in one visit.
  • School nurses and pediatricians can’t say enough good things about our treatment.

What to Expect

  • Movies, TV, snacks and a children’s play area make your wait enjoyable.
  • We have certified technicians who are experienced and compassionate.
  • You’ll get a thorough comb-out to remove lice and nits.
  • We educate you on how to prevent and detect future lice infestations.
  • We’ll answer your questions or schedule your appointment 7 days a week.