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Head Lice Removal Service, Head Lice Clinic | Lice Lifters Coral Springs FL

Head Lice Treatment and Lice Removal


Head Check: $30 (We offer school discounts)

Diagnosis is the first step in a successful lice treatment. We never start any treatment until a diagnosis is made. Lice Lifters always verifies the presence and location of lice when a new patient visits us for service. Our knowledgeable lice technicians use a lice comb to perform a head check. We’ll inform you of our discovery and treatment options. The head check cost is applied to the treatment option you choose.


Lice Treatment Options ($20 - $165, Multi-Family Member discounts available)

One of our certified live technicians starts the treatment process by applying the Lice Lifters Mousse to the hair and scalp. The mousse loosens nits from the scalp. A nit is a lice egg. Nits attach themselves to the base of the hair follicle with a glue-like substance. They’re very difficult to remove without a special lice comb. We have the right lice combs to quickly and easily remove lice and their nits. Once the nits are removed, we apply the Lice Lifters Solution that kills any remaining lice in the hair. All of our treatments are guaranteed.

Why is Lice Lifters Treatment Better Than the Rest?

Removing lice is a nightmare for some parents. Our lice technicians alleviate some of the concern and ensure proper removal of lice from the head. We use 100% safe, all-natural lice treatment products in all of our Delaware County salons. We also offer at-home kits available for purchase. Our products work on all head lice, including ‘Super Lice’ that do not respond to typical treatments. 

Most health insurance will not cover lice treatment costs. However, we’ll supply you with the proper diagnostic codes if your provider chooses to reimburse you for the service. We offer several payment options for your convenience, including cash, credit card, debit card, Health Savings Account, and Flex-Spend Accounts. Ask about all of the payment options we offer.

When you choose Lice Lifters, you get

  • One-visit treatment guarantee
  • Certified lice technicians
  • Safe, all-natural treatment products
  • Guaranteed service
  • The product kills 99.9% of all lice activity in the head
  • We accept various types of payment
  • Professional, friendly environment
  • Non-toxic, pesticide-free lice treatment solutions