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Head Lice Detection

Melissa S

We had a wonderful expierence at Lice Lifters. The staff were kind and understanding, great with my whole family. The center is clean. Highly recommend!!

Maria A Porras

This place is AMAZING. April and Susan are the friendliest most professional ladies ever! They made us feel welcomed and appreciated, and they took very good care of us! The place is clean, centric, with free parking. Highly recommend!

Melissa Haley

This concept is amazing!!! The staff was so nice and thorough! Thank you Lice Lifters for eliminating the problem in an efficient and easy way. You are the best!

Karissa Dickerson

Never had lice in my life! But the staff here was amazing and very knowledgeable. Made you feel very comfortable through the whole process! I will definitely recommend to others, who go through this experience