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While You’re At The Beach, Head Lice Are Working Hard To Infect Your Family!

Summer is that time of the year that we have the fondest memories of from our childhood. For those of us lucky enough to live in places like Coral Springs, FL, nearby beaches have always been a favorite destination. While helping your kids build fun memories that will stay with them through their lifetime, be sure the annoying itching and scratching of head lice does not become a problem they have to deal with. Let’s start by going over a few misconceptions you, as a parent, may have about head lice and your child’s chances of becoming infested with them at the beach.

Facts About Head Lice At The Beach

Parents need to realize that the bright sunlight that is abundant at the beach does not kill lice. In fact, they thrive in an environment that includes heat and humidity. Also, they can hold their breath for up to four hours, so don’t count on that ocean swim killing them. Perhaps worst of all, at the beach, there’s no personnel who might do lice head checks such as they might get at a school or a summer camp if they start showing signs of them.

You should follow some common sense advice to try to keep your child from getting head lice at the beach. The main thing is to talk to them, and be sure to mention that they should never share hats, towels or anything else that may touch their head. Additionally, you should know that head lice can take four to six weeks before they start causing the tell-tale head scratching that makes you or your child aware of the existence of a problem.

Check For Head Lice

A good idea for anytime that your child spends plenty of time with other kids is to occasionally do lice head checks. There are special combs, known as lice combs, that are just for finding and even removing lice. You check for adult lice and their eggs, which are called nits. When you part the hair and shine a light, the adult lice will scurry away from the light. You may spot them as they move. If you don’t, then you can check for the eggs, which are stationary and attached to their hair within about a ¼ inch of the scalp.

What To Do About A Lice Infestation

Despite giving your child advice on avoiding head-to-head contact and not sharing personal items that come anywhere near their head, let’s say they picked up a few of the pests. Most parents who are not proactive about checking periodically will not know there’s an infestation until the tell-tale head scratching by their child starts in earnest. Upon determining that it is head lice, you then need to figure out the best head lice removal idea.

A head lice comb can be good for spotting the lice although a bit tricky as well for parents who haven’t seen them before and aren’t sure what to look for. While a head lice comb can also be part of a successful head lice treatment process, it is hard to get all of them off with only a comb. Additionally, lice are, unfortunately, largely immune to the toxins used in most over-the-counter treatment products, so this leaves seeking out professional help.

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