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What You Need To Know To Prevent The Pests And Their Itch

Even as an adult, you can’t escape the risk of contracting lice. Although head lice are mostly common in children who attend school, adults can still contract them. Thankfully, lice do not carry any diseases so they’re relatively harmless and can be easily treated by a head lice removal company.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know to prevent the pests and their itch.

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice are parasitic insects that feed off of human blood to survive. They can be found anywhere that has hair such as your head, your body and pubic area. The worst they can do is cause intense itching that only seems to worsen when scratched.

Here’s a little more detail about the three different types of lice that can affect humans

  • Head lice – These insects mainly stay on the scalp and can be identified by their six legs and white, grayish color. Adult head lice are about the size of a seed, making them very hard to see. Lice can lay up to five eggs, known as nits, each day. Nits are attached to the hairs located near the scalp area.
  • Body lice – These are very uncommon compared to head lice. Body lice mostly affect those who refrain from bathing or cleaning their clothes. These bugs are very similar to their head clinging brethren, however, instead of laying nits in the hair, they’re laid in the clothing.
  • Pubic lice – This species of lice are a bit different than the others. To start, pubic lice are often referred to as “crabs.” This type of lice are found mainly in the pubic area and on rare occasions, can be found on coarse body hair like chest hair and eyebrows.

If you have any of these lice, you’ll need to go to a lice clinic Coral Springs FL.

Preventing Lice

Although promoting good body hygiene can help prevent body lice, head lice is a different story. Head lice has nothing to do with how often you wash your hair. In fact, head lice are able to survive underwater for up to six hours, so children are just as likely to contract lice compared children who don’t bathe.

Regardless, there are courses of action you can take to prevent getting lice:

  • Refrain from putting on hats in the store
  • Don’t share combs or helmets with other people
  • Limit head-to-head contact
  • Don’t store things like clothes in shared places like closets, lockers and drawers
  • Keep your bedding and clothes washed at all times

The Takeaway

No one wants to contract lice, however, if you or your children do, there are things you can do to quickly rectify the problem. The key is knowing what to look for and how to remove them completely without the possibility of recurrence.

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