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How Do I Prevent My Kids From Getting Lice Again

Finding head lice on one of their children, or having it diagnosed by a school nurse, is something every parent dreads. While lice are not known for spreading disease, they are still an annoyance that can make your loved ones uncomfortable with an itchy, red, irritated scalp.

The best way to solve any problem is by trying to avoid it in the first place. Head lice outbreaks are most common among children with millions of cases being diagnosed each year. With these kinds of numbers, it’s likely someone in your family will pick up a lice infestation unless you follow some sensible precautions and tell your kids to do the same.

How To Avoid A Head Lice Infestation

  • Since lice can’t fly or jump and can only crawl from an infested person’s head or belongings to another person, tell your kids to avoid direct head-to-head contact. Also, they should not wear hats, helmets or scarves worn by others and should also avoid using any hairbrush, comb or hair ties that are not their own.
  • Tell your children to hang their jacket or coat on a separate hook at school or wherever else they go rather than simply throwing them in a pile with other such items.
  • You should routinely clean anything that touches your child’s head that may also come in contact with others. Pillows and car seats are examples of such items.
  • Pay attention to whether or not there’s a rash of reports of lice outbreaks at your school, so you’ll know to be extra vigilant.
  • Do a lice head check on your children at least once a week. You’ll want to Google pictures of lice and their eggs, which are called nits, so you’ll know what you’re looking for. As far as where to look, lice will be near the scalp since they feed off blood under the scalp. Their nits will be attached to the base of hair follicles with a glue-like substance.
  • Be aware of the symptoms of head lice. These consist of small, red sores on your child’s scalp and neck, and typically, these bumps will be itchy.
  • Be advised that keeping your child’s hair short or putting it in a ponytail, won’t prevent lice. While this may help a little in keeping their hair from coming into contact with another child’s hair, they’ll still grab on to short hair just as readily.

Effective Head Lice Removal When Prevention Fails

If you find your kids have lice, you want to get it treated promptly, so your children are not the ones giving other parents’ kids head lice every time they come in contact with them. Effective treatment entails the removal or killing of all the lice and nits. The toxins in many retail lice shampoos have been used for so long that many lice are immune to them by now.

If you’re a parent in Miami-Dade County or Broward County, you are lucky to be near Lice Lifters of Florida. The professional head lice treatment offered by our lice salon is 100 percent safe and all-natural and is guaranteed to be effective. We start by giving any children you feel may be infested a lice head check. If they are found, one of our certified lice technicians will then do a thorough comb-out with a specialized lice comb. This is followed by the application of our proven and non-toxic products to finish off any remaining lice or nits.

Kids are always coming into contact with each other. We want to protect them from any risk, but you also know that they need to be allowed to have fun. So, if a few common sense precautions don’t work, don’t panic about head lice. You only need to contact our head lice removal salon in Palm Beach Gardens, and our safe and proven head lice treatment will have your loved ones lice free in a single visit.

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